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Study In The Word

Study In The Word 24AUG13

The Surrendered Life (Sabbath, August 24, 2013)

This week Pastor Don is in the book of Romans, Chapter 12, to review what our passions, conduct, and desires should reflect.


Study In The Word

Study In The Word 17AUG13

Spiritual Gifts (Sabbath, August 17, 2013)

Spiritual Gifts are to be desired in The Church today. But how many people really understand their importance? This week, Pastor Don answers that question and challenges us to seek those gifts.

Study In The Word

Study In The Word 10AUG13

The Rich Man and Lazarus (Sabbath, August 10th, 2013)

You have probably heard this parable a thousand times. You probably think you know what this sermon is about, but if you think that you are mistaken. This week, Pastor Don asks you to take on a new perspective in reference to this parable from our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.