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The Church Snob vs. The Church Zombie

(Yep, it’s gonna be a crazy blog post)

I have become a Zombie Snob. What do I mean by that? I mean that now I only like to watch high-end zombie movies and shows. With ‘World War Z”, “28 Days Later” and “The Walking Dead” raising the bar so high on zombie media how can you not be sort of a Zombie Snob? I once loved b-rated zombie films and then “The Walking Dead” came on television a couple years ago and that was it. I was hooked on only the best.


You know what? Some churches are sort of like that in two ways (maybe three). First, we have Church Snobs. Church Snobs are those people who only go to a church that has raised the bar so high on the entertainment or coolness factor that no one else around can compete. A Church Snob will leave a church in a heartbeat if a nicer or more exciting worship experience comes along. Never mind if the teaching is elementary level or if you can’t understand half of what is said in the service. People say,”It is a rocking good time and they have great programs for the kids!” Or, “They know my needs! I can really feel the spirit moving!” (Yeah, you probably feel your emotions being manipulated but not by the Holy Spirit… but that is another topic.)

The second way a church is like the first paragraph is on the zombie part. Those churches that can’t compete with “The Hollywood Church” (The Hollywood Church: the church the Church Snob attends) become few in number and many eventually close their doors. But some hold on and become part of “The Church of the Undead”. They are called “Church Zombies”. (Sorry for the constant use of “”, I am just in a “” mood.) These churches hold on to the old ways and traditions so tightly that the rigor mortis has set in and they cannot and will not ever change (even unto death my love). People say, “This is my home church and I will never leave. My family has gone here for generations.” Or, “I like the conservative service. Rock and roll has no place in the church; only order and respect!” (Your mission is to teach and preach for discipleship and to spread the gospel, not be a self-licking ice cream cone.)

But there is a third church option that is on the raise in today’s very odd and selfish society. That is the Church of Jesus. (Note: I did not say “The Church of Christ” because a denomination has taken that one. I can’t say “The Church of Jesus Christ” because someone will take it out of context and think I am a Mormon… which I am not.) So the Church of Jesus, which I do not associate with any denomination or specific religious group, is on the raise today. So what are the indicators that you are in a “Church of Jesus”? Well that is outlined for us in the B-I-B-L-E.

Here is a list of things the church should be doing:

  • ·         Prayer: including requests, intercessions and thanks
  • ·         Preaching and Teaching: from the Word of God
  • ·         Rebuking of Sin: That is rebuking sinners not just sin in general
  • ·         Accountability: Confessing sins one to another
  • ·         Worship: Through prayer, submissiveness to the Holy Spirit, and through song
  • ·         Fellowship: Be a community
  • ·         Discipleship: Assisting spiritually young believers grow strong in the faith
  • ·         Spreading the Gospel: On the streets, in crowds, all over the place
  • ·         Helping the Downtrodden: Widows, orphans, the poor

While this list is not all encompassing / Here are things The Church should not be doing:

  • ·         Building extravagant churches, gymnasiums, or recreation facilities
  • ·         Hording money
  • ·         Gossiping or talking trash about fellow believers
  • ·         False teaching or prophecy
  • ·         Holding to traditions of men

While the second list doesn’t some all the problems up but I think you get the idea.

(Read all of Ephesians 4 for more details concerning this post)

Colossians 1:18 tells us that Christ is the head of the Church. Not an earthly pastor, elder, committee, congregation, conference, denomination, king, president, prime minister, parliament, congress, government, pope, NOT ANYTHING OF THIS WORLD. Jesus is the head and we are to follow Him. But Christ has allowed there to be those that assist you in your journey. Those are elders (including pastors and teachers), deacons, evangelists, prophets, apostles, and others that work in the Church. They help you but never lord over you. They love you and not only tell you how to walk in the spirit but show you. They are not a special conduit to God or Christ. They are flesh and bone like you and I.

So what is this all about? Don’t get caught up in thinking your specific church is the greatest thing or the worse thing. At the end of the day your church is no different from mine and vice versa. We are all equal in the sight of the Lord.

So let’s break down the barriers and start being the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST and not a dismembered corpse. Stop leaving your churches for other churches. If your church is a Zombie Church help reanimate it. If your church is a Hollywood Church help ground it is scripture (and reality). Stay and make it work the biblical way.

Love the whole Bride of Christ just as Christ does.

God Bless,

Donnie Elswick / Truth & Freedom Radio



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