The Law of Logic

We can all agree that our God is one of law and order.  With reason alone we can come to the conclusion that everything in existence, or that will ever exist, is governed by a law that originated with God. Without law we could not exist. For instance, it is God who established the laws of physics, of motion, gravity, and the universal forces. Without such laws the very universe could not exist. It is God who developed the law of the body, which states that we cannot function without a brain or that blood cannot flow without a heart. We may see this as the regular workings of a machine but is it not, in fact, an unbreakable law? Does an unseen law of God rule not all things we see as mechanical or repetitive?

God is the one that sets forth motion and it is God alone who has the power to stop that motion. He is, after all, the ultimate creator, sustainer, and destroyer of universal energy.

Why than do we think that no law governs us, as Christians, and that we can do what we please according to our own heartfelt understanding? Is not the rejection of law the true definition of lawlessness? It is lawlessness and we do have law that governs us though many reject law because they are spiritual anarchists.

Many Christians are so wrapped up in the concept of free will that they have grown to reject divine sovereignty over their lives. It was once said that in true logic there is no such thing as a contradiction. If you discover a contradiction you must review the premise and reevaluate all the information. Christianity today has accepted so many doctrines of man and traditions that we have forgotten to be men of the mind and have accepted anything preached from a pulpit as authority.

God has given us a mind to think for ourselves. We can develop, create, comprehend, and decipher all from the mind but we have turned what is probably one of the greatest gifts given by the Creator into a stagnate pond and thus becomes a cesspool of rot. God did not create you to be blind, deaf, and dumb. Once you become a Christian we do not literally become sheep and blindly follow anyone and anything that is laid before us. We are to seek the meaning of the things of God and that is knowledge.

Seeking knowledge has become a career path in our society. We are told that only a man who has graduated from a seminary has the right to decipher scripture and ponder the things of God; the religious institutions that only hire men of paper and not men of the mind reinforce this. For what are universities and what are seminaries but places where you learn of concepts developed by other men and not of God.

What is the Godhead? It is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who all agree as one. As Christians who guides and develops our understanding? The Holy Spirit, who inspired all scripture and who lives inside us all. So logically speaking if the Holy Spirit, who indeed inspired all scripture and is a member of the Godhead, lives inside you why do you seek the knowledge of man when it comes to the scriptures? If you had William Shakespeare standing in front of you ready to open all the meanings of his plays would you leave him to attend a lecture on the meaning behind Romeo and Juliet? 

This is what we do. We tell the inspirer of all scripture to wait until we have heard professors tell us what to think. We tell the Holy Spirit to wait until we have heard a pastor or a teacher tell us what to believe. This is utterly ridiculous.

But why do we do it? Because we have forgotten how to think and that we, as Christians, can think for ourselves. This is a dangerous topic you see. To think for yourself destroys the plans of those who rely upon your blind obedience. Without your mind you are blind; you cannot see the Holy Spirit leading you. You are deaf; you cannot hear what the Holy Spirit is telling you. You are dumb; you cannot declare the truths of scripture revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.

You have heard it said that all evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. This is true.  All Satan needs to triumph is for you to not use your mind. You see, when you use your mind you take away the power of those who seek to rule over you. When you use your mind you place the authority over your life back into God’s hands where it rightfully belongs. God wants you to think, to thrive, to develop, to create, to produce, to make something of yourself because this further perpetuates His spiritual kingdom and forces it into the physical world.

When you use your mind to study the scripture, and not just read it as simply text on a page, the marvels of the spiritual will open to you. The timeline of the ages will lie before you and you will see that there are truly no contradictions in The Word. You will see the progression of His divine plan and how it is to truly influence you, not as a mere man but as a child of God.

When you do this, when you use your mind in the way it is intended to be used, you will see things that you thought were wrong become right. You will learn that things you thought were right become wrong. At that time you will have two choices. You can either take what you have learned and apply it in order to grow or you can reject what your logic, controlled by the Holy Spirit, is telling you and damn yourself to eternal slavery to sin.

The use or rejection of your own intellect, when guided by the Holy Sprit, is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly. Many today think they have used their minds to rightfully study the scripture but what they have done is only applied what they have been told by man. They have accepted contradictions as mysteries and ignore other passages that contradict what they have accepted as doctrine. They deny themselves the very thing that makes us an image of our Creator, that being intelligence.

Once you destroy your biases and clear your mind of the clutter that is doctrines and traditions of men you will see true doctrines of God.

Donnie Elswick
Truth & Freedom Radio



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