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Charismatic Confusion Part Two (S2E5)

Join Donnie and Chris as they return to their discussion on the Charismatic Movement, and come to a conclusion regarding it’s biblical adherence.

Charismatic Confusion Part One (S2E4)

In the first part of a series on the Charismatic Movement, join Chris and Donnie as they examine the movement in light of scripture.

Predestination Part Two (S2E3)

Join Donnie and Chris as they look further into the scriptural evidence for predestination.

Predestination Part One (S2E2)

In the first part of a two part series, join Donnie and Chris as they discuss the topic of predestination.

False Teachers (S2E1)

In the first episode of season 2, Chris and Donnie tackle the topic of False Teachers in the Church.


Accountability (Ep19 / Season 1 Finale)

In the final episode of season 1, Chris and Donnie look at a topic that is in dire need of restoration in The Church.

Christianity & Government (Ep18)

This week Chris and Donnie look at a sensitive topic, Christianity & Government.

Deep Dive: Spiritual Gifts Part 2 (Ep17)

Chris, Donnie, and Pastor Don conclude this analytical deep dive study on Spiritual Gifts.

Deep Dive: Spiritual Gifts Part 1 (Ep16)

Chris, Donnie, and Pastor Don dig deeper into the meaning and application of Spiritual Gifts in this week’s show.

Suffering (Ep15)

Pastor Don joins Donnie and Chris as they look at a topic that puzzles both unbelievers and believers alike.

Walking in the Spirit (Ep14) 

Roundtable discussion time as Chris and Donnie welcome Manny and Caleb to the show.

Freedom! (Ep13) 

This week Chris and Donnie look at what freedom really is in relation to God’s Word.

The Church in Laodicea (Ep12)

Ending the study on the Seven Churches of Revelation, Donnie and Chris look in the mirror to see what Laodicea means to us.

The Church in Philadelphia (Ep11)

Brotherly Love is the meaning of Philadelphia. But what lesson can the Church in Philadelphia teach us?

The Church in Sardis (Ep10)

Often called the “dead” church, Sardis has a powerful message for us today. Simply put, WAKE UP!

The Church in Thyatira (Ep9)

Covering the modern implications of the fourth of the Seven Churches in Revelation.

The Churches in Smyrna & Pergamum (Ep8)

Continuing the study on the Seven Churches in Revelation, Chris and Donnie look at the next two churches.

The Church in Ephesus (Ep7)

What does the book of Revelation have to offer us in addition to prophecy? Find out in Ep7.

Sanctification (Ep6)

Is there anything after Justification? Check out Ep6 to know.

What He Did For Us (Ep5)

Christ did something amazing for us on the cross and it goes much deeper than what the movies show. Learn more in Ep5.

Faith & Works (Ep4)

Can you have faith and no works? Find the answer in Ep4

The Commandment & Spirit Connection (Ep3)

Is there a connection between keeping The Commandments and receiving the Holy Spirit? Listen to Ep3 and find out.

The First Century Church Part 2, Foundations (Ep2)

In Episode 2 Chris and Donnie look at the foundations of our faith and identify a possible problem with the modern church

First Show / The First Century Church

Join Chris Beard & Donnie Elswick in the first episode as they discuss the First Century Church

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