The Gospel Effect

A creator, perfect and undeserving of punishment, sanctioned himself to death so that we may be free from the flesh. The prophesied savior of the world (1 Peter 1:10,11) became accursed for our sake. The just was treated unjustly. (2 Corinthians 5:21) In this sacrifice we became free from sin and slaves to Him. The hope of humanity arranged our salvation Himself (Colossians 1:15,16) because we were created for Jesus, by Jesus. The Father’s ultimate plan of salvation through the seed of ancient Abraham was accomplished through the work of atonement. The marvelous grace of The Father is only available through sincere faith/belief in His Son’s life, death, and resurrection. (John 3:16)

But be sure you live out the message and do not merely listen to it and so deceive yourselves. (James 1:22 NET)

Our belief, if sincere, is shown in our lives. As Christ lived, we shall live also. Be Holy, because He is Holy. (1 Peter 1:15,16)

This is the plan for our lives. Living in the spirit, giving our lives as a sacrifice by not doing what we want but what He wants. This is His glory alive in our lives through God’s Holy Spirit. We must be aggressive in actually mimicking Jesus. He absolutely fulfilled The Father’s requirements. We should strive for this daily! Leaving our past in the past, because we cannot change it. 1 John 3:18-21 confirms that God is greater then our conscience. We condemn ourselves after we have received mercy and pardon. This lack of faith can interfere with our prayer life, effect our morale, and cause us to fall back into the sin which we have been saved from.

If we have faith in the life of Jesus, we should also have faith in the death of Jesus. His death did not happen for no reason. He didn’t die because of His own actions, rather due to our actions. If we have faith in this sacrifice it absolutely frees us from the burden of sin. We are no longer condemned (Romans 12:1) we are free. If we, as believers, can’t except His sacrifice how can we teach others to? If you’re His, you are His. Accept it. Living beyond the past enables us to concentrate on the future. His grace is sufficient. We must be convinced in ourselves that Jesus came in the flesh, lived in the spirit, and was ransomed for our sins. If we cannot accept this, we do not believe in Him.

Living surrendered is living like Him. We should put Him first in all we do, every decision and every intention must be weighed on the scale of His will for our lives, not our own and the will of others. We are to love others relentlessly, we are to put God first without question. If its contrary to His word, it cannot be compatible to His will. If it isn’t an action of love, it isn’t an action that will please Him.

To the world the life, death, and resurrection seem senseless. To His own, it is the purpose of all things, the preeminent focus of mankind. The truly good news. There is hope for the imperfect, there is peace and forgiveness, there is a brighter day approaching. He not only came to this world, which was sacrifice enough, Jesus died for this world. The glory is that it doesn’t end with His death for us, He arose for us.

… because I live, you will live too. (John 14:19 NET)

It’s difficult for the world to comprehend the resurrection and few Christians understand the impact that this event has on your life. We will not perish. Let that sink in for a moment… We may have to experience death once, but that’ll be the end of it. To believe in Jesus’ life and death and not accept His resurrection is the same as not accepting any part of the Gospel. Not only can we have faith that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death that He is with us. (Psalm 23) We also celebrate that His resurrection means that He will do the same for us. (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17)

The glorious good news is this; the supreme creator of all that has and will ever exist came in the flesh for you, died for you, then promised that He will come back for you. Jesus wants you to live a life for Him. He literally gave his all for you. If we love Him we will do the same. There is no greater love then what we have example of in the three stages of Christ’s work, the life, death, and resurrection. I am convinced that He doesn’t want His work to be taken for granted. Our faith, the one thing we must be able to do in order to partake in the benefits of His work, is shown by our deeds. This is by Jesus’ example. He went about doing good (Acts 10:38) and so should we. Christianity is the only belief that has God coming to man for His sake instead of man coming to God for our sake. There is no greater love then what we are shown in Jesus. He served us in every aspect of his Life, death, and resurrection. What a joy and a privilege it is to serve Him. Pray for each other.

Manny Elswick
Tazewell Grace Fellowship